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How Has COVID-19 Affected Us?

Obviously the lack of sales and service has had a financial impact on our business, especially after only being open six months coming out of a slow winter season. We are in unprecedented times right now with the self-isolation, and physical distancing going on. A lot of people's occupations allow them to work from home, but in order to sell or repair vehicles, we need our staff on site.

As an essential service we at Das Auto Werks remain open to serve the city of Kamloops, and are taking every precaution in order to continue operations. If you are in need of service, repair, maintenance or sales for any make or model we are here to help you.

Similar to any business during this crisis we are sanitizing and disinfecting commonly touched areas such as door handles, phones, work stations, debit machines, etc.

We remain open Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 5:00 and can be reached by phone, email, or social platform messages for all your parts, service, or sales needs.

As everyone is aware this COVID-19 crisis is extremely serious and changes day-by-day and in some cases hour-by-hour. We will do our best to update our website and social platforms with any new updates or changes.

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